Why CBD Bitters?

Bitters plants are rich in phytonutrients, minerals and antioxidants. Bitters are made by infusing roots, barks, leaves, seeds, flowers, pods, fruits and fruit peels, nuts and beans in alcohol (which extracts the flavor and aroma).

They have been attributed with medicinal properties since time immemorial. Along with supporting healthy digestion, bitters help the liver do its job to flush irritating substances from our bodies. As a consequence, bitters help us achieve a healthier weight, easier digestion and optimal liver function.

In a nutshell, bitters are like seasoning for cocktails.

Extracting the Botanicals

The flavor of a given bitter can be made with a flavoring botanical (like hibiscus flowers), an aromatic botanical (like Lavender which is very aromatic with hints of pine) and anchored with a bittering agent such as Gentian root (which has a tangy bitterness). Roots and barks provide a woody, panic taste to the flavor, and create a pucker feel in the mouth. They can be simple with one ingredient, or they can be layered with many ingredients that release their flavors and aromas in cocktails, tea and sparkling water.

CBD Infused Bitters

Just like many other cannabinoids CBD tends to interact with our bodies through the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is a unique set of brain receptors which deal with cannabinoids alone. The human ECS is known to have an impact on pain sensations, appetite, mood and memory. Our bitters, infused with organically grown hemp-derived CBD, add a mood enhancing effect  to your cocktail and help prevent hangovers. Not in the mood to drink? Add our bitters to sparkling water to enhance your mood and reduce stress and anxiety.

Why does my drink turn cloudy?

CBD is soluble in alcohol but not in water. When water is added, the CBD separates from the alcohol and forms a milky white cloud in the drink. One full dropper will deliver 5mg of CBD to enhance your cocktail or sparkling water.

The best serving size required for efficacy is determined by each person and their individual metabolism. We recommend to start with adding 15mg (3 full droppers) of our bitters to each cocktail to experience the mood enhancing effect and hangover prevention.