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CBD Cocktail Recipes

With all of the known benefits of this non-psychoactive cannabis compound, more and more people are adding CBD to their cocktails as a great way to make them unique, flavorful, mood enhancing and hangover-free. It turns out that alcohol and CBD are great together and soon CBD cocktails will be on every bar menu. 

Not drinking?
Bitters and soda water is your answer. Fill a cocktail glass with ice, add 2-3 droppers of the CBD infused bitters of your choice and top with soda water. It has the advantage of looking like a proper drink, and after about 15 minutes, provides a restorative feeling.
Columbia CBD Bitters product line

Here are some ways to use Columbia CBD infused bitters in your home bar. Click the link below for cocktail recipe ideas. 

BTW, if you’re on a mobile device, the guide downloads as a PDF. So for best results, head on over to your laptop or desktop computer to download.