Orange Blossom CBD Bitters

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300 mg CBD / 2 fl. oz.

Our Orange Blossom CBD citrus bitters, are perfect with sparkling water, white spirits, whiskey, beer, cider, tequila and sparkling wine.

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Orange Blossom CBD Cocktail Bitters

Jasmine blossoms, with their intoxicating flowery fragrance, impart notes of honey and pear. They also contain a slight citrus aroma making them a perfect match with orange peel. Elder flowers provide a subtle citrusy, floral quality with a mild bitterness. These CBD cocktail bitters are perfect with sparkling water, white spirits, whiskey, beer, cider, and sparkling wine.

Ingredients: Organic cane alcohol, water, organic orange peel, jasmine flowers, organic elder flower, organic dandelion root, cannabidiol (CBD), organic gentian.

Suggested Use: Add 2 droppers (10 mg) to your cocktail or sparkling water.

CBD Info: Approx. 60 servings. Each full dropper (1ml) contains 5 mg of CBD.

The best serving size required to find efficacy is determined by each person and their individual metabolism. We recommend, to start with, adding 10 mg (2 droppers) of our Orange Blossom CBD Bitters to each cocktail.

Please store in a cool dry place.

Cocktail Idea: Orange Old-Fashioned

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4 reviews for Orange Blossom CBD Bitters

  1. Aviles

    The Orange Blossom has amazing taste and goes well with a light beer or Old Fashion. I love the relaxing feeling I get when use this product. I would highly recommend the Orange Blossom bitters!

  2. Jayne (verified owner)

    Great addition to hot tea! CBD is a bonus!!

  3. Headley Bear (verified owner)

    I love the CBD bitters. It’s helped my mom and I drink more water. I love adding the orange blossom to my Ginger ale. And the cocktail recipes are out of this world

  4. Jennifer W. (verified owner)

    Orange Blossom CBD Bitters in tonic water is my after-work-drink-while-cooking non-guilty pleasure. I enjoyed plan tonic water but adding the bitters makes it even better.

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