Elderflower Lavender CBD Bitters


300 mg CBD / 2 fl. oz.

Our aromatic Elderflower Lavender bitters which taste like a meadow in bloom, are perfect with a botanical spirit like gin, other white spirits and sparkling water.

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Elderflower Lavender CBD Cocktail Bitters
Lavender with its famously soapy scent is a member of the mint family. Lavender helps to relax muscles, soothe headaches, and reduce anxiety. It also helps to counteract sleeplessness and motion sickness. Lavender, highly aromatic with hints of pine and camphor, brings about a sense of well being. 
Lavender and Elderflowers make a great combination. Elderflowers have anti-inflammatory properties. They have a citrusy floral quality, and honey notes are present in the taste and aroma. Our Elderflower Lavender CBD Cocktail Bitters make a great partner to sparkling water, gin and other white spirits.
Ingredients: Organic cane alcohol, water, organic lavender flowers, organic elder flowers, organic milk thistle, cannabidiol (CBD), organic gentian root.
Suggested Use: Add 3-4 droppers (15-20 mg) to your cocktail or sparkling water.
CBD Info: Approx. 60 servings. Each full dropper (1ml) contains approx. 5 mg of CBD.
The best serving size required to find efficacy depends on each person and their individual metabolism. We recommend, to start with, adding 10 mg (2 droppers) to each cocktail. 
Please store in a cool dry place.
Cocktail Idea: Lavender Martini
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