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Columbia Bitters Company

CBD Infused Bitters | Made in Oregon

Columbia CBD bitters are handcrafted, produced in small batches, and layered with many high quality botanicals. Our entire line of bitters is certified organic whenever possible, and we do our best to source our dried herbs from organic farms in the Pacific Northwest.

 Our cocktail bitters are then infused with organically grown hemp-derived CBD (no THC). Not in the mood to drink? Add our bitters to sparkling water.

Liven up your cocktails with our organic CBD infused bitters. Find a flavor for all of your beverages and recipes, and release their flavors and aromas in your favorite cocktail, coffee, tea, or sparkling water.

The best serving size required for efficacy is determined by each person and their individual metabolism. We recommend to start with adding 10mg (2 full droppers) of our bitters to each cocktail.

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CBD Infused Bitters

There is not a botanical in the world that has not been harvested, extracted and bottled.

Columbia CBD Bitters Recipes

CBD Bitters Recipes

Learn how to use our bitters in your home bar for a nicely proportioned cocktail.